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Patient Information Sheet


Here is some specific information about your upcoming appointment: (updated June 2021)

* Patients who are vaccinated, we will no longer be verbally confirming your appointment with COVID screening questions. You will be required to fill out our COVID screening form one last time to update the dates of your vaccinations. We will still take your temperature upon arrival. 

* Patients who have not been fully vaccinated will still be contacted by phone prior to the appointment time to review a COVID screening form. That form will still need to be filled out at the office prior to the appointment until patient is fully vaccinated.


Please limit any additional people coming with you to your appointment, as well as reduce the number of belongings that you bring into the office.  We also recommend that you keep your belongings with you at all times.


Please wait in your car and call us upon your arrival (630.963.7766).


Please wear your mask as you enter the office.  You will remove your mask only when seated in the operatory for your appointment.


When entering the “waiting room,” approach the desk and immediately utilize the hand sanitizer.


Depending on your vaccination status, please review the COVID Screening Form and initial and sign. 


Your forehead temperature will be taken and staff will record information. (If your temperature is over 100.4 F, your appointment will be rescheduled.)


A staff member will then lead you back to the operatory for your appointment.


Please hang up all extra belongings.  DO NOT place belongings on counters.


After sitting in the chair, you will be given a Listerine and Hydrogen Peroxide pre-rinse to swish for one minute prior to beginning the appointment.


After your appointment is completed, we ask that you replace your mask, retrieve your personal belongings, and head to the front desk to check out.


Please utilize more hand sanitizer and have a Smart Mouth day!