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Our goal at Smart Mouth Dental is to help every patient be smart about their mouth! We strive to educate about, to prevent, and to treat dental disease in a conservative and comfortable manner. Each Smart Mouth Dental team member commits to staying current with research to ensure the best care possible for you and your family.




Smart Mouth Dental is a patient-based dental office that puts education and prevention first. Our office will continue to be focused on current research to practice evidence-based dentistry. Staff will also work as a team to provide a comfortable, yet efficient and informational experience for each patient. We also strive to increase knowledge of dental health throughout the community.




* SUPPORT each patient's individual dental needs with compassion, honesty, and understanding

* MOTIVATE our patients and community to live a healthy lifestyle

* APPLY current dental research and technology to provide the best dental care

REVIEW all dental options to encourage informed treatment decisions that are in line with individual needs, desires, and finances

* TEACH every patient and our community about how to attain and maintain dental health